Sandrie Dieujuste

I’ve been sewing ever since I can remember. My mother was a seamstress. I remember growing up Haiti, as she sewed new outfits for her customers, I would use the same patterns to make clothes for my dolls. Because of her, I have always had a love for sewing. That love developed through college into adulthood.

The idea for “How Stitching Cute“’ came about while working in the hospital. I was taking care a newborn who had several handmade items, including blankets, burp cloths and changing pads. I was inspired by that to start making homemade and handmade gifts for various people who’ve had babies. I did a lot of research and went through many different patterns to finally settle on the ones currently offer. I love these patterns and everyone who’ve used them love them as much as I do. I know you will too!